What is it about this guy?

On paper, he’s one hundred percent wrong for me. His e-mails are equal parts annoying and funny.

Okay, more funny than annoying. More like refreshing. Different. Exciting.

But as I stand next to him now, he’s giving me head-to-toe tingles, and I find myself dwelling on his e-mails.


Meet smart, sexy career girl and New York snob, Charli Richards. She has everything except happiness until the day she meets Layton Griffin. It’s a random encounter on an airplane; it couldn’t mean anything, right?

Layton isn’t even remotely close to who Charli sees herself hooking up with . . . ever. Her mom and best friend agree he’s not for her, but he makes her feel something exciting, awakens her world.

But then Layton changes, going to great lengths for Charli to see him for who he really is.

Will those changes bring them closer together, or will she never be able to see him in the same way again?

Modern, realistic, touching and delicious, I binged on the feels from the first page to the last!
— Katy Evans, NYT Bestselling Author
Refreshing, sweet, and angsty, To See You is a one sitting-devour it read. I couldn’t get enough.
— Angie, Angie & Jessica’s Dreamy Reads
Ms. Blaufeld takes the story beyond the gorgeous bodies and focuses on how a person’s self-image, accomplishments and goals are influenced by more than just good grades or a love of music. As an experienced social worker, one of the bonuses of Ms. Blaufeld’s writing is her understanding of trauma and growth as children become adults.
— Lorinda Hayes, Pittsburgh Post Gazette