Donut Making Time: All the THINGS, #authorlife commentary and more.

It's the little things.

No doubt, you've heard this expression no less than a million times if you're over FORTY, like me.

There's a reason why. It's the truth. The little things are what makes a difference in life, love, liberty, the pursuit of happiness and business.

Since I started out writing five-bazillion years ago, it never fails...I always end up circling back to the little things.

One of my little things rules is: do [shit] stuff for others.

Like how we should do unto others...we should do for others.

Lately, there's been way too much taking and not giving. I recently saw a colleague of mine basically drop me because I couldn't help her on a particular project. Now, hold up...I just said about doing for others?!?!?

Well, to be honest, I had done and done and done for this person, and the one time I couldn't...well, you get the picture. That's not the way to handle yourself. BECAUSE the other side of the coin of the little things are the BIG THINGS.

When the BIG thing is all about taking, using and/or dropping someone like a wet noodle. Quite simply, that's not cool. Little things are not meant to be snagged in an endless one-way supply.

Back to the little things. Right about when I was feeling funkadelic and pissed off, my girl Michelle over at AfterDark Book Lovers Blog saved the day. Like donuts from heaven, she messaged me and said, "HEYA, there's a KU group and they would love your books. Can I add you?" Or something along those lines. 

BTW, Michelle and her girls, Grace and YaYa are class acts. They run a top-notch blog, support the writing community undyingly and do it with style.

Anyway, Michelle adds me to the group and these KU ladies are lovely and saying such nice things to me. Hey now, we all need nice things said to us now and again.

Anyway, it's the little things. Michelle did a little thing that basically was a BIG deal today.

~ Rachel

[This snippet is part of a series of snippets in which I share my take and opinions on the author life and women in writing/business. Like on Twitter, people say: opinions are my own. They are just that. Mine. And yes, I know doughnuts is misspelled.]