What does your husband think?

Over the last two months, I've heard "What does your husband think?" more times than I care to count. If asked, he will tell you he is the inspiration behind all my alpha men, even the ones who dwell in my head, despite the fact that I tell him to say "Its fiction" in response.

But, it is a work of fiction. A world of make-believe that came to me a long time ago––on a trip to Las Vegas. The characters in my story are a result of my overactive imagination, a little bit of wine, and yes, my background in psychology/human development/social work. [And, maybe just maybe, my husband.]

Inspiration in writing romance

I've spent the better part of my life studying people, so in a way––that has helped me build my characters. Each and every one is a labor of love and intensity and focus. Your reviews of them, kind words, even the not so kind words, mean the world to me because you chose to spend time with them.


My husband knows better than anyone how much time, effort, attention that building characters takes because he has heard from me, "Shhh. I'm writing right now" about as much as I have heard "What does your husband think?"


Ultimately, I think he's proud. He thinks its great.

[He thinks he's Carson.]