Coffee Talk: Release Day

coffee talk with author, Rachel Blaufeld My mom: Who is this Mara on Facebook and why is she making you cry?


Me: Mom, she’s a fellow blogger, writer who read my book and she liked it so much, she read it straight through in one sitting. It was a good cry.


My Mom: Well, how did she get the book? Is it out?


Me: No, not yet. She got an advanced copy for review purposes.


My Mom: What do you mean?


Me: Well, I have these advanced review copies for bloggers, avid readers/recommenders, and such to read early, help get the ball rolling, stir the media. You know, when you think I am just f-ing around on Facebook? I’m doing a little work.


My Mom: What about family? Do I get a copy?


I think: You don’t have a kindle, nook or the like. Plus, it is a bit dirty. Okay, a lot dirty.


I say: Definitely. Of course, mom. You can proof my paperback copy.


The truth of the matter is, I’ve been dragging my feet a little in putting up my debut novel. I’m fucking petrified. Scared to death. Not about the dirty part. Everyone knows I can be a bit naughty.


I’m afraid of the whole thing. The sum of parts…is greater…


Writing a fiction novel has been a lifelong goal of mine, and now I wrote one. I don’t know if anyone will like it (especially my mom), and it is frightening.



So, the few of you who have read advanced copies and sent me kind words, I can’t thank you enough.


I have studied the calendar to find the most perfect time to slap the book up on the internetz, and there are so many awesome, well-established, better-than-me authors releasing today, tomorrow, next week, but I have to bite the bullet.


Electrified will be live sometime in the next few days (4/30/14 or 5/1/14) –– mostly determined by my upload capabilities, and let me say this: Thanks in case I forget to say it later.



Thanks for everything, nothing, whatever.



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See you on the other side.