Electrified, its cover, & my mom is blushing.

Electrified by Rachel Blaufeld, cover  

Well, this makes the whole, "I'm publishing a book" very real. Unbelievably freaking real.

Just a few weeks away from officially hitting publish on my first fiction novel, I'm faced with an interesting dilemma.

What? You ask.

My novel is a bit naughty. Actually, not as much as book 2 (preview included), but dirty nonetheless, and for a while, I was thinking my mom may be the only person who buys my book. Except, do I want her to read it? Yesterday, someone asked her about the book and her thoughts, and she BLUSHED.

Let's just say this...my mom is not going to need to wear rouge for a while.

In the meantime, I cannot stop loving and looking at my cover thanks to Sarah over Okay. Yeah, she's ignoring my IM's and all because she is SICK of me, but I don't care. She did a bang out job on this one, and she's stuck with me. forever.


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