Between you and me...and everyone else.

Over at my other site, Back'nGrooveMom, I write pretty serious stuff.  A blog mostly centered around the crazy lives of women, moms, and wives, and how we look for balance. Typically, we are unsuccessful. Anyway, when I decided to release Electrified (The Electric Tunnel) or actually well before that, I went back and forth on using my real name or a pen name. As you can see, I went with the former over the latter.

Recently, most of the conversations I've had start and end with "Aren't you so embarrassed to release such a steamy read with your name."

The answer is short: NO.

No way, nope.



TORY JOHNSON tweets Electrified



Part of my mission over at Back'nGrooveMom or anywhere else I write––Huffington Post, Modern Mom, even StartUpNation––has always been at the core of whatever role we are holding is this: We are women, and part of being a woman is doing what makes us feel good. So, if you like romance, read it. Devour it in any way you like.


The best part of releasing the book has been the PM's and texts I have received. They have made me laugh, cry, smile and feel light in a time I don't think I normally would!


Can they have sex soon?

Love it. Ur a dirty wh#@$

I'm in love with Carson.

Shhh, I'm with Carson right now.

...and the best: [My college-aged daughter] said she can totally see how you write that stuff by looking at you.


OMG. So, maybe a little embarrassed by that last one, but honestly thanks to all of you who have messaged me nice things and reviewed the book. love, R