Sneak Peek: Absolution Road - Coming of Age Romance (giveaway, too!)

Hey there, READERS––I miss all of you!! Summer is whizzing by, and my fingers have been MIGHTY busy!

Absolution Road (the sequel to Redemption Lane) is with my trusted editor, and I've started a second New Adult sports romance. It is a spinoff of Vérité...title and information coming soon!

In the meantime, I felt like being a bit naughty and releasing an unedited teaser (subject to change) for ABSOLUTION ROAD.

Yeah, she most definitely kept that area tight and groomed…she was way too uptight to let it go all jungle.

Detail-oriented wasn’t all that bad. This is the type of woman who remembered birthdays and anniversaries. She’d never leave her kids with the wrong babysitter.

“Mr. Wrigley! Can you please focus? I really do want to go home and have some hours to myself this holiday.”

Herself? Hmmm….

“In addition to not seeking or calling a lawyer, I understand you still haven’t made any calls? Is that right?”

“Yeah. I don’t want to bug my brother. It’s his first Christmas with his new family, and well, he’s always been the more responsible of the two of us, and this would just give him more ammo on me. Basically, Ms. Road, I’m still one huge disappointment even at thirty-some years old, so I didn’t call him. I guess, I could call Camper, but she’s the reason I ended up bashing that asshole’s skull into the wall, and so I don’t really feel like seeing her right now. So, yep, no call. Looks like I’m spending the holiday in the slammer.”

I leaned forward on my elbows, bowing my head between my arms, the severity of my situation returning. It wasn’t the time for hitting on the hot public defender or thinking about eating her pussy. I was in jail, and this was extremely bad.

“Why did you bash that asshole’s skull?” The word asshole sounded so funny coming from her pale-pink painted lips. She said it like she wanted to rinse her mouth out with soap afterward; as if her lips had never spoken such an obscenity and now she was forced to while quoting me.

This was a spectacular woman with everything. Smarts, looks and passion. If my heart hadn’t been painted black, I’d hand it over to Ms. Road to do with it what she wanted. Or someone like her, but I never imagined that for myself. Lane got that. Not me. ©Rachel Blaufeld, 2015

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