Meet Carson - Electrified, Teaser #1, Book 1 The Electric Tunnel Series

Carson Graham shifted into fourth gear as he hightailed it away from the club toward his hotel. Why did he keep coming back to Vegas? Who the hell knows. If there was one thing he didn't have any trouble finding or getting, it was willing women.

fast car mountains, The Electric Tunnel

He knew women weren't really “things.” They were interesting, often complicated creatures, and he both appreciated and respected them. He just happened to like women in his bed who came with no strings. It was the twenty-first century, after all, and there were plenty of women who liked that kind of deal.

He had never settled down, and he sure as hell wasn't about to start now. At closer to forty years old than thirty-five, he was thinking the bachelor life suited him just fine. Or maybe it was that he only deserved the single life. His particular circumstances hadn't exactly set him up for success in the relationship department.Picking up a little speed, he changed course and steered toward the mountains, needing more time to clear his head.

It would be great to be on his motorcycle right now, to be able to lean into the steep and winding curves, but it was back in his garage on the East Coast, grounded—just like his life at the moment. The sports car he'd rented would have to do.

As he shifted the engine into fifth gear the car jetted forward, allowing the tension to bleed from him with the increased RPM. He was trying to drive away from the pull as fast he could…the pull coming from an insanely gorgeous stripper he was lusting after in a big way.

There was something magnetic about her, dragging him in deeper and deeper. More than her sleek, toned body and her sensual moves when she wrapped herself around the pole, there was a draw deeper than the physical. Carson wasn't a hard-up kind of guy. He never got like this over a woman. Ever.

Electrified - ©Rachel Blaufeld, 2014 Carson Graham (The Electric Tunnel #1)