Where the heck are you, Rachel?

Like many of you, I can’t wait for school to start. Of course, I love summer––the sun, the heat, and the opportunity to drink fruity drinks with umbrellas. But I need my life, routine, and sanity back. Over the last few weeks, I’ve come to feel 100% disconnected from my life as I know it during the other nine months of the year. The stress is climbing up my chest like an alpha mountain climber trekking Everest. I want to start at the base and write for you and me. I need to connect with readers and bloggers like I need fresh oxygen–– at the peak of the climb.

Mostly, I miss the quiet solitude of my days, coffee in hand, pajamas on my body and headphones on my ears.

I’m tired and grumpy, and pretty much worthless right now.

I can’t help but to feel like I’ve been in the dryer on industrial strength, not permanent press or gentle.

Both family and professional responsibilities are tumbling all around me, and I don’t think I’m handling either very well.

In this game of self-publishing, there’s not only writing a book but marketing it. AND the marketing is killing me. It’s a nonstop battle and grind. One which my family is constantly at war with––get off Facebook & Twitter, stop chatting with so-and-so, etc.

But, I need to just do one more thing…is my continual response because if I don’t, I will be long forgotten within moments of doing so––

Sad but true.

Anyway – I digress.

School is back in session on Monday, and I will spend the day paying bills and doing yoga. Tuesday, I hope to be creative again.

Oh, and get ready to release Absolution Road on 9/28.

Which reminds me, I haven’t even revealed the cover yet.

I think I will do that on Tuesday – Are you ready?

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